3/8” Straight Edge & Grey

3/8” Straight Edge & Grey

We have now added a new product to our product line that we are very exited about. No more power tools required and very easy installation. Because of the lightness and compactness of the planks we now offer shipping. These are authentic barn wood planks that have been harvested and carefully selected from old barns and milled into a very easy to install wall treatment product. The boards are cleaned and milled to uniform widths between 3-5 inches and approx 1/4 inch thick. Thanks to the thinness of the product they are very easy to glue or nail to most surfaces with only a few simple tools. There is also no need to extend electrical outlets or light switches or redo trim or mouldings around doors, windows or floorboards. This unique product can brighten and warm up any space or surface from walls to islands and ceilings and everything in-between.


 $10.50/square foot


vancouver barn board

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